Consulting – Audits – Training

Scope of services

I provide expert services for the area’s of corrugating, litho-laminating, printing and converting until the box erecting, filling lines.

Services include troubleshooting, advise, training or audits to improve quality, increase productivity, reduce waste, etc. to add value to your production.

I combine my consulting services with a fulltime job for a leading supplier of white kraft liners. The services I provide under my private company are only available if non-conflicting with my current employer.

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Sample interventions

Do you have long term issues which have been unresolved after several attempts including different 3rd parties such as machine suppliers, consumable suppliers,…?

Are you looking for an independent opinion?

Are you looking for a change in operator mentality or different ways in running equipment?

Do you need a 360° introduction to corrugating and packaging business for new senior level staff?

Are you challenged to create the business case around (repair) investments to present to CEO or senior management?


Do not hesitate to get in touch for more information about consulting, audits or training

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