How to specify sheets for digital post print.

Improve printing quality for corrugated post print by specifying the sheets.

Post- warp

Inspired by Star Wars and Harry Potter 😊 It has been a very strange year for all in 2020. But also, an interesting start in 2021 to have some time to reflect on post-warp. We all know how to handle warp, this within the limitations of the material combinations used for a certain corrugated compositionContinue reading “Post- warp”

My corrugating philosophy

I have been doing customer trials in a 1000 places around the world. After many years I can already tell after 5 seconds of contact with people if they want it to make it happen or not. Are they open for new ways of doing things or not… Sometimes bosses enforce trials upon their peopleContinue reading “My corrugating philosophy”