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Koen Verplancke

Passionate about corrugating, paper and print


Corraddict is about being addicted to paper, print and corrugating.

I was fortunate to put my first foot in the printshop of my father at 11 years old and the first task I got was to design and print my Holy Communion cards. A lot of sweat and tears it took to get the register correct but eventually I was a proud with the result.

4 color screen print, die made by hand cutting in masking film
Reverse side Typo, hand assembled with lead separate letters

So that was my start in the printing industry, at 11 years. In the following years I did summer jobs in our own and other print shops. Growing up, print and paper were always close by. After studying Mathematics I decided to study Law. Realizing I made the wrong choice I left school a couple of years later and went to work in a bigger offset plant.

I progressed fast from junior printer to production manager. I often worked double shifts to replace operators if they where absent and combined this with the production management of the plant. But I do not complain, I learned a lot during that period, I even repaired printing and converting machines if there was an issue.

After managing another printing plant which combined flexo, offset, packaging and offset rotative printing, I took a job at a paper supplier (Modo). Here I did sales and technical support for 9 years and ended up in the packaging grades production side of the company, the “FBB” side.

I always have been very interested and intrigued by paper and printing (spoon-fed probably) , however it is only when I was offered this job to service corrugating customers that I found my true passion.

Corrugating means big and complex machines. The first time I saw one (20 years ago) I needed to figure out what was the beginning of the machine and what was the end. From then on I was in contact with “a corrugator a day”, and that kept the doctor away:-).
I built my expertise bit by bit.

Over the years I’ve gathered a lot of know-how related to the corrugating parameters and how to achieve the highest possible quality working with any type and age of machine.

Whether I do troubleshooting, train crews, identify bottle necks… I always work in close cooperation with the plant people.

I’ve given advise on how to increasing speed, reduce waste and how to mak sure that flat board is not delaminating 😊. I’ve done audits and provided advise on future repairs and investments.

I’ve traveled all over the world (from Thailand to Russia, from Europe to Africa) and worked long days… and so my virtual corrugating backpack became bigger and richer over time.

I started this blog years ago to share some of my knowledge in an attempt for corrugators to solve some of their own mysteries and challenges, but I’m also available to work with you directly (see consulting)

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