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Post- warp

Inspired by Star Wars and Harry Potter 😊 It has been a very strange year for all in 2020. But also, an interesting start in 2021 to have some time to reflect on post-warp. We all know how to handle warp,Continue reading “Post- warp”


A while ago a customer was constantly facing s-warp on his recent corrugator (2800 mm). In the picture you see E-flute with s-warp. The s-warp was only noticeable when running E-flute.The s-warp was so extensive that certain jobs were considered asContinue reading “S-warp”


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I would recommend Corraddict for anyone needing to learn more about the characteristics of paper converting processes in the corrugator and converting dep. Learning and understanding the different variability that can be controlled and how to do it is something Corraddict aims to do. I joined the partnership with Koen several years ago and we have been able to create a strong teamwork that has greatly improved the skills of the operators with concrete benefits of waste reduction and productivity improvement.

Matteo Saini
Regional Quality&MRS Manager, International Paper Italia Srl

I think that Corraddict is an excellent website as it deals with real situations that arise in everyday corrugating life, and I always learn something new. Koen has an wonderfully analytical mind and there are not many issues in Corrugating, Litholam Pre or Post Print that he hasn’t encountered around the world, assessed, and then been able to either rectify and resolve or offer helpful recommendations to assist with the particular problem in question. Koen keeps an open mind when carefully examining all the factors involved, which makes him a great Technician.

Cas Gibb
Technical Service Manager, MetsaBoard UK

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